We have been supplying trade outlets for some years and found that most retailers were only able to stock and sell what was available to them from the few large national wholesalers. In most cases this was very poor quality that may have been packed for as long as a year.

At the time we were aware of end users in our area who knew there was much better quality but were unable to source it.

So some fifteen years ago we decided to embark on an internet shop, our target was clients nationally who wanted the best hay, they were a small niche market of knowledgeable people who realised the infinite benefits of feeding good hay to their stock.

Soon after we took this step we added a purpose made facility to remove the dust, as even the best hay has lots of dust –  Hence the name DustFreeHay!

Since we started we have listened and learnt a lot, investing in new improved equipment to further enhance our products and increase capacity.

It would be nice to think somewhere along the way we have helped others understand more about the true benefits of good hay.

We are grateful to our regular customers, many of whom have used us for years.

if you have used and like what we do why not spread the word!