Large Bales


  • Soft Hay is quite fine and has a fragrant smell but has a lower feed value.
  • Stalky Hay is out of stock till the new season hay comes in.
  • New season English Timothy in 8kg Large bales now available
  • Mix types of hay and multiples from the drop down menu
  • Carriage is included in the price excluding the Highlands and Offshore which when available will be added in the checkout


If you run this video you can see just what’s in each bale and to try and quantify what you actually get, you can see it being opened and the uncompressed contents emptied out and put into three household dustbins.

You can buy either soft meadow hay  and /or the more nutritious stalky or seed hay.

Some of this we grow ourselves but most is bought in off other growers.

Last summer we installed a new packing machine for the large bales, our old one was getting worn out and not too accurate with the weights and volumes.

The new one is a big step forward for us and we are able to increase the amount we get into a sack and the weight we aim for which is around 7kgs is a lot more consistent.

Its important to get the hay into the smallest pack we can as these days  all the carriers measure a parcel by volume or the amount of room it’s likely to take up in the lorry or van, our large bales will weigh 7kg in weight over scales but when it measured by a laser scanner it’s more likely to work out at 27- 28kg volumetric kilo’s, bit of a “swiz”  but this is  how they work out the carriage charge and additional surcharges I’m afraid.

We have also installed additional dust screening which really does make a good job of cleaning the hay up especially the dangerous air borne particles which can be particularly harmful when breathed in.

Additional information

Weight N/A
Large Bale 1

English Timothy, Soft Hay, Stalky Hay

Large Bale 2

English Timothy, Soft Hay, Stalky Hay, That's All Thanks

Large Bale 3

English Timothy, Soft Hay, Stalky Hay, That's All Thanks


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